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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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on with our lives. going forward on the seven day forecast this is the forecast for santa clara if you happen to be getting away for the super bowl this weekend it is looking beautiful over on that side of the hill and our side of the hill as well. however not quite this warm.
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warm for this time of year. santa clara into the 60s and low 70s. low 70s on superboy sunday including--super bowl sunday including at game time. back here not that warm but still mild into the weekend. 40s today and 50s for the weekend heading into the 60s by the middle of next week in reno sparks. partly cloudy skies 5 miles per hour winds and 62% humidity. coming up on the seven day no precipitation chances and a quiet seven day to show you coming up. okay thank you. no secret that schools are over crowded and need a lot of repairs. this means the community could get. tells us what this means for you the tax payer. washoe county school officials say they are in the midst of a perfect storm.
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not enough funding. estimating $81 million over nine years needed to keep up with population growth estimated 1500 students by 2019. more than 200 temporary portable classrooms are being used but it's a more serious problem. >> either we are going to repair existing buildings or we need to go double session year round. >> running two schools out of one building. the first shift starting at 6:00 a.m. the second ending at 6:00 p.m. something school officials want to avoid. they receive funding from property taxes unlike carson city clark county and rural counties with additional funding sources. now this committee will put a measure on the bam for voters
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voters to decide if and when to increase by 4% or increase both sales tax and property tax. .425% and half a nickel respectively. more than 30% are paid by tourists. community members for or against the different options but a resounding number added they want to see accountability. >> i don't want the dysfunctional school district to have any access to this money. that the money if collected on anything is actually going to go to schools and maintenance and not for a brand new car somewhere or a new office or a new salary. >> their voices were heard and the committee will explore the house at that layer of over sight to the measure. the district continues working to strengthen public trust including a new data gallery that shows how the money is spent.
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be open and listen to people and have honest discussions. >> fox 11. >> the committee will meet again on february 12 at 9:00 a.m. at the school district office. a link to the complete presentation of last night's meeting is available on line at fox an update to a story we brought to you yesterday. health and safety concerns are being addressed at a downtown reno motel. >> the living conditions prompted a safety inspection at the reno legendary motel thursday morning. the safety and services team found several health and safety invitations once they entered the property. they ended up relocated six residents at the 36 unit motel. the inspection ended in one arrest. someone with an outstanding warrant inside and confirmed raped from residents cooking in the hallway to fire concern to mice and cockroaches as well as a general lack of on going maintenance. city officials say many renters
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of being evicted from their property but you can call and remain anonymous when reporting these types of issues. on this afternoon's crime watch a man is dead after reportedly stealing a crush crashing into authorities and losing control of the vehicle. the parkway was closed for most of the night as officers investigated. this all started thursday afternoon when a yellow ford f- 150 was reported stolen near brown and edmonds drive. when officers caught up to the suspect he allegedly rammed the stolen truck into deputies. soon after he lost control of the vehicle and was ejected. the department of public safety has been asked to take over the investigation. the woman accused of intentionally plowing a car into a crowd of pedestrians never made it into court and
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a judge reset her court date to february 18. holloway's attorney says she plans to plead not guilty facing 71 felonies including murder, attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon in the december crash that killed one woman and injured at least 34 other people. police say holloway was from portland, oregon and told investigators she and her three- year-old daughter had been living in her car for more than a week before that happened. students declared their mascot denver voted to make wizard the lizard gender neutral in universities making their mascot diverse. an inclusion expert says that making them gender neutral makes it inclusive and
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the mascot in lou of using gender pronouns. the service department is now accepting applications for seasonal employment in areas like aquatics, recreation and park aid, rangers and also maintenance ads well. look at the listing of availability applications and material on line just visit the website right there on your screen. if you see a lot of folks wearing red today like us here's why. it's national go red day. the art association is working to raise awareness of the toll heart disease takes on women asking people to wear red. heart disease tells a woman every 80 seconds but the vast majority are preventible. a lot of locals are attending the go red for women lunch at the reno event center drawing as many as 700 people every year.
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cause by visiting go red for volunteers of america are recognizing people for the mental health service program. a local caterer take out is serving up a pig roast for homeless clients a way to support and recognize their efforts as they make their way through the program. the doa mental health program provides permanent housing for the homeless. disturbing developments in the zika out break. where researchers how now found the active virus. >> instead of arguing did definitions we should be-- >> if you could describe last night's democratic debate with one word, heated.
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wall street coming up. welcome back. topping our health news this noon there's new troubling information about the zika virus today. researchers in brazil found the active zika virus in urine samples with the potential to cause infection. the research is needed now on these alternative ways that the virus can be spread. well extreme sports pioneer dave mirra was found dead thursday in north carolina of a suspected suicide. he was 41 years old. he rose to prominence as the
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helped bringing action sports to the mainstream winning every year from 1995 to 2008. he became a superstar in video games as well as the best selling dave mirra freestyle series. his body was found in a truck with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> everybody who knows dave he was so friendly. a life cut short and you wish you could have got to him and understood but we are going to miss him. sad day. >> his family has asked for privacy during this difficult time. he survived by his wife and two children. one person was dead after a 565-foot crane collapsed in lower manhattan. three people injured two of them seriously. the crane landed on cars stretching for two city blocks.
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different units on scene as a result. mayor bill de blasio says the person who died was sitting in a parked car. pedestrians were hit by fallen debris. the mayor said it was moving into a collapsed position. >> incredible on line video of the crash happening as well. it looks like the nation is following iowa's lead. bernie sanders and hilary clinton are running neck and neck. according to the latest poll the university released a new poll with a slim lead over sanders but it's in the margin of error. former secretary of state garnered 44% while sanders received 42% support according to the poll released on friday. 11% of voters surveyed said they are still undecided. the debate last night between
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became heated with the candidates sparring over healthcare wall street and who is more progressive. mary maloney has the highlights. >> i'm not making promises i cannot keep. >> hilary clinton took a swipe in a debate. >> the republicans want to repeal it. i want to improve it. i want to get the costs down. senator sanders wants to start all over again. >> i'm on the committee that wrote the affordable care act. the idea i would dismantle healthcare in america while we are waiting to pass a healthcare for all is not accurate. >> clinton smeared her progressive credentials. >> i don't think these kinds of attacks are worthy of you and enough is enough. if you have got something to say say it. >> instead of arguing about definitions let's talk about what we should do.
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>> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a superpack. who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interest. in my view the business model of wall street is fraud. >> clinton trying to use her experience and distance herself from wall street's big money. >> i have a record i have stood firm and i will be the person who prevents them from ever wrecking the economy again. in other news feeling vein addicted after calling his detention arbitrary. sweden and the uk must now let him walk free from the embassy in london where he is now. swedish and british authorities want to make it clear the wiki links founder has chosen on his
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it's not legally binding. he's due to be brought to sweden to question over a rape allegation. >> how sweet it is. this is a victory that cannot be denied. it is a victory of historical importance not just to me, for my family, for my children, but for the independence of the un system. >> he says britain has broken the law by effectively trapping him inside that embassy in london. a natural gas leak in california is still not sealed but a controversial plan evacuating residents has already been scrapped. thousands of residents have been forced to leave their homes. so cal gas has been providing
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they said once the leak was plugged people would have 48 hours to move back to their own homes but the company has backed off those plans. representatives are now in discussion with the los angeles city attorney's office. we already know weather's going to be good going over the pass for super bowl sunday. that is good news but what does it look like after that. >> hi tim. >> much of the same a very quiet pattern going forward all the way through the seven day forecast but when quiet weather arrives during the winter we become concerned about the air quality as a result of the inversion. high pressure in the winter time usually equals an inversion set-up. other than that sun and clouds morning fog each morning in a few spots and average temperatures now giving way to much warmer temperatures by the weekend and especially next week. 38 degrees right now in town going for the upper 40s later today. partly cloudy skies to mostly
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5 miles per hour winds and 62% humidity at the moment. temperatures in the 20s and 30s going for the 30s and 40s into the afternoon hours. here's high pressure in place satellite and radar very quiet not too much to speak of as far as weather is concerned. high pressure in the winter time we become concerned about the inversion so that is something we are going to be watching for the next couple days and we do have the air quality as a concern going forward. 31 in eureka as well into western nevada into 309s and 40s, 43 for those of us in lovelock today. 43 in inklein, 45 in south lake and 42 in tahoe city. 47 in dayton, 42 in. lots of 40s on the maps today including the northern zones.
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the air quality just becomes a concern going forward. haven't had too many issues with that yet but you may see some of that visible smog out there as we head through the day today. 46 your high. seven day forecast quiet going forward. 40s into the 50s by the weekend lower elevations climbing through the 50s into the beginning and middle of next week eclipsing the 60-degree mark area wide for many of us into thursday next week at south lake 60 degrees on thursday of next week but we have a while to go before we get there. watch for patchy freezing fog air quality concerns. check the air quality fox into the 40s and 50s and eventually the 60s by the time we get to the middle of next week. back over to you. >> incredible. all right when we come back the super bowl can be a touchdown for local businesses so who is waiting in the wings to swoope up your cash? all of that coming up.
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welcome back. vw is still trying to figure out how damaging it's diesel emissions scandal will be for investors. they said they are pushing back the annual earnings report which had been expected march 10. a new reporting date will be announced as soon as possible and admitted to installing software in diesel powered cars that alters the performance of emission testing making the vehicles appear cleaner than they were. volkswagon has suspended nine managers through this. the company is being sued by u.s. authorities.
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applied it could total $18 billion. mixed news out of the unemployment report dropped and hiring also slowing down a bit. the u.s. economy added 150,000 jobs. an economist projected the economy would create 197,000 new jobs last month. that sounds like a lot but it is way down from jobs added in december. the unemployment rate fell to 4.9% the lowest since february of 2008. >> before we go here's a super bowl pro diction that has nothing to do with the actual game. americans will eat millions of chicken wings on sunday probably at my house alone. it's the biggest day of the year for sports themed restaurants. the company plans to sell 12 million chicken wings that day. the projection is up 10% from last year.
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million wings up 20% from last year and half of them will be take out as people host super bowl parties at their homes. >> a lot of wings. >> loving this forecast tim. >> not too bad. looking partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies and your average temperatures for now. milder for the weekend and warmer into next week. >> the ameranic pple eon'cat ungo on odpepar,ut b willne vemar ke it in
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